ESG Working group: Climate action & Economic downturn

Climate action by both state and non-state actors becomes increasingly urgent as the world is far from limiting global warming to 1.5/2°C. More and more effective climate action is necessary. However, the world is also facing a severe economic downturn following the COVID-19 outbreak, which will likely affect projects, policy, capacities, support, and political will for climate mitigation and adaptation action. Does the ongoing crisis present a window of opportunity for transformative systemic change?

A newly proposed ESG Working Group seeks to bring together scholars with different disciplinary backgrounds to discuss:

  • short- and long-term effects of an economic downturn;
  • possible effects on capacities, support, and political will; and
  • opportunities to mitigate negative effects and to strengthen climate action.

The Working Group will explore opportunities for research collaboration and initial publications, for instance an ESG Issue Brief.

If you are interested to join this Working Group, please contact me by sending me an email.

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