New Publication: Catalytic Climate ACtion for A new decade

‘Climate Ambition and Sustainable Development for a New Decade: A Catalytic Framework’.

A new study by 26 leading experts evaluates the Global Climate Action Agenda (GCAA) and discusses options to improve it in order to strengthen sub‐ & non‐state engagement in challenging times.

The transition from the pre‐2020 to a post‐2020 agenda provides a political opportunity to recalibrate the design of a catalytic framework. A more collaborative, comprehensive, evaluative and catalytic Action Agenda will exemplify a new avenue of cooperation between governments and sub‐ and non‐state actors and should help to accelerate implementation, raise NDCs’ ambition and inform ambitious long-term strategies.

An improved GCAA should encourage engagement at lower levels of governance through collaboration with regional & national processes. Moreover, collaboration between orchestrators of climate and sustainable development action can improve reflexivity and deliberativeness in climate governance.

Read the open access study here.

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